August 2023 Excitement: Sunny Gravely-Foushee Previews Upcoming Events on WX11 The Local Vibe

In a special August 2023 segment on WX11’s The Local Vibe, Sunny Gravely-Foushee, the co-founder and executive director, enthusiastically previewed two eagerly awaited upcoming events: the All Arts Summer Camp and the Avant-Garde Gala. With an infectious excitement, Sunny detailed what these events will entail, setting the stage for a month brimming with artistic exploration and cultural innovation. The All Arts Summer Camp promises to be a haven for young creatives, offering a diverse array of workshops and activities designed to nurture their artistic skills across various disciplines. Meanwhile, the Avant-Garde Gala is poised to be a highlight of the social calendar, showcasing groundbreaking art while fostering a sense of community and support for the arts.

Watch the full interview here:

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