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Your generosity directly funds the operations of your chosen initiative, making a tangible impact in our community.

How to Sponsor a Program:

  1. Complete the "Sponsor a Program" Form: Fill in the details and select the program you wish to support.
  2. Choose Your Contribution Level: We offer three donation tiers to accommodate your generosity - $250, $500, or $1000.

Programs You Can Support:

  1. After School Learning (MESHA): Math, English, Science, History, Arts - In our MESHA After School program, TAB works with instructors to creatively reiterate learning objectives.
  2. Art Therapy: These classes provide caregivers with artistic tools for cognitive and motor skill development, promoting an inclusive community atmosphere for seniors and Alzheimer's patients.
  3. Community Beautification: Our initiatives focus on enhancing public spaces in underserved communities. We create murals that integrate art with local heritage, beautifying areas and fostering community engagement in collaborative art.
  4. Film Camps (After School and Summer): Students learn filmmaking and storytelling, creating original screenplays and bringing them to life in a final play.
  5. Professional Development: As the exclusive art-focused nonprofit partner of the NC Apprenticeship Program, we offer a comprehensive pathway for careers in the nonprofit sector, which includes professional development, virtual learning, and apprenticeships.


Thank you for your support in making a difference!

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