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Now Hiring

We are currently hiring for our All Arts Summer Camp and Alzheimers Workshops for the following positions:

• Teacher (2 open positions)

• Teacher Assistant (2 open positions)

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Job Descriptions

Summer Camp Lead Instructor:

TAB Arts Center Non Profit is seeking a dynamic theater instructor to teach ages 8 -17 how to write a creative screenplay that can be performed on stage or on film. Responsibilities include but are not limited to teaching creative writing, acting, set design and production. Instructors are expected to write daily lesson plans. All activities should be hands-on and include working with groups and one on one instruction. Must be resourceful and have experience working with early childhood and adolescence teens. ·Should be proficient with designing and creating a set, acting,and theater production. Must work well with others.

Qualifications: Instructors should be a college graduate, or someone with extensive professional experience in the theater. Exceptions will be made for outstanding undergraduate applicants entering their junior or senior year. Must be engaging, responsible, dependable, and on time daily.

Pay: $10.00 - $12.00 per hour (seasonal- 5 week position)


Summer Camp Teaching Assistant:

An individual who works well with adults, early childhood and adolescence teens. Must be hands on and work with children individually and in groups. Assist lead instructor with lesson plans and overall instruction. Must have a car, may be asked to pick up breakfast and/or lunch provided by Guilford County Schools. Preferably have knowledge, and/or experience in the arts (theater, visual arts, film).

Qualifications: Assistant can be a college student or high school senior enrolled in art related classes. No cell phone use allowed during working hours. Must be engaging, responsible, dependable, and on time daily.

Pay: $8.00 to $9.50 per hour (seasonal - 5 week position)

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