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(Math, English, Science, History, Arts)

Our Early Childhood Art Programs (ages 4 - 11) are designed to integrate the arts with the core topics present in schools.  We motivate children to utilize their imaginations to understand how each topic relates to the other.  By working with a variety of artists in an array of genres we reinforce the philosophies and concepts they learn in school.

This after school program is designed to reinforce core information learned in school.  We collaborate and train teachers to equip them with the tools to provide creative instruction.

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All Arts Film Summer Camp

Tab Arts Center Non Profit’s ALL Arts Summer Camp gives youth the opportunity to learn about a variety of art forms.

Participants learn about film, theater, creative writing and the visual arts. Our camp consists of two different programs: TAB Teen Film Camp and our TAB Kids Theater Program.

Register today for our 5rd Annual 2021 All Arts Summer Camp for children and teens.

Participants get FREE breakfast and lunch provided by GCSNC.

2022 - All Arts Film Summer Camp Videos

2021 - All Arts Film Summer Camp Videos

TAB Kids Theater

TAB Kids Theater program teaches young people, ages 8-11 basic theater elements.   Participants work with theater, visual art, creative writing and occasionally choreography instructors to write and produce a unique stage play. 

All students take part in designing and making their sets, props and costumes. They learn how to write a cohesive story, memorize their lines, and work in a variety of positions behind the scenes and on-stage.  Their play is the grand finale of our “last day of camp” performance.


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